Tanzania IndabaX 2021

Deployable AI in Africa: The Why, Where and How

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June 19th - 26th, Arusha, Dar-es-Salaam & Dodoma. Also Virtual!


19th June

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12:00 PM

Opening Remarks

Organising Team
12:15 PM

Key Notes

Dr Mshinda
Dr Kassim Mwitondi
Deogratius Mosha
1:10 PM

Q & A

1:40 PM


2:00 PM

Poster Presentation

Researchers, Students & Start ups
3:00 PM

Spotlight Talks

  1. Frank Kilima:

  2. Rozi Mlay: Convolutional Neural Network for Potato leaf disease detection.

  3. Mwanahamisi Suleiman: Prediction of Viral Suppression for adolescents using Non-Virological and Non-Immunological Features

Full Agenda



Alex Tsado

Alex Tsado operates at the intersection of disruptive technology, community economics, and historical regenerative philosophies, as they apply to the future of the global African and underrepresented.


Janet Mutuku

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiast with masters in Mathematical Sciences (Financial Mathematics and Big data). She has successfully worked on a collaborative research between Polytechnic Montreal and Montreal Exchange to develop an intelligent system that automatically detects abnormalities in the markets.


Dr Kassim Mwitondi

His research work focuses, mainly, on the application of deep learning and other machine learning techniques in interdisciplinary modelling of real–life phe- nomena within the domain of Sustainable Development Goals, viewing each SDG as a Big Data node.


Special thanks to our partners for making this event a reality.