19th June

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12:00 PM

Opening Remarks

Organising Team
12:15 PM

Key Notes

Dr Mshinda
Dr Kassim Mwitondi
Deogratius Mosha
1:10 PM

Q & A

1:40 PM


2:00 PM

Poster Presentation

Researchers, Students & Start ups
3:00 PM

Spotlight Talks

  1. Frank Kilima:

  2. Rozi Mlay: Convolutional Neural Network for Potato leaf disease detection.

  3. Mwanahamisi Suleiman: Prediction of Viral Suppression for adolescents using Non-Virological and Non-Immunological Features

20th June

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11:00 AM

Technical Session I

  1. Reinforcement Learning
  2. ConvNets
  3. Building Tensorflow
12:30 PM


12:50 PM

Paper Session

  1. Dr Noe Elisa Nnko (UDOM): Enhance Dendritic Cell Algorithm for Network Intrusion Detection

  2. Janet Mumo MUTUKU (AIMS): AI in finance
1:30 PM

Technical Session 2

  1. Yesaya Athuman : Connecting with customers through chatbots

  2. Ally Salim Jr: Building Intelligent Systems
3:00 PM

Technical Session 3

  1. Akera Benjamen (MILA)

  2. Data Science Nigeria: Data Crowd Sourcing Methodology

21st - 23rd June

3 days



25th June

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4:00 PM

Implementing AI in Health Supply Chains: The playbook

InSupply Health and partners
5:00 PM

Driving Economy through Data Driven Food Security Applied Research

Dr Andrew Hobbs

26th June

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12:00 PM

ML Geospatial Analysis

Dr Hamed Alemohammad (RadiantMLHub)
1:10 PM

Paper Session

  1. Gloria: Health Application and Dataset

  2. Krupak : ML Techniques for Image Feature Engineering

2:30 PM


3:00 PM


  1. Lavina Ramkissoon: #Rething AI In Africa, an ethics perspective

  2. Dr Anarug

  3. Jumanne: AI Governance, Creating a nurturing AI Ecosystem
3:30 PM

Deployable AI in Africa

Panel Discussion
4:30 PM

Q & A

4:50 PM

Closing remarks

Organising Team